Monday, September 26, 2011

Moms- What you do matters!

Folks, this has been a long week and I kept this on hand for a busy week. So today's inspiration is short and sweet but important! My mother gave me this card a while back and I kept it because it really meant a lot to me.

Moms nurture hope,
build dreams, plant seeds of faith
that yield unending blooms,
and leave footprints of love
on her children's heart
that never fade.
                           -Elisa Morgan

Then the inside of the card read:

What you do matters...
today and for eternity.

In the end, I know that as moms we all know that what we do matters. I  also know that there are many days that it may not seem like it and it is easy to forget. So I'll say it again-
What you do matters!
Remember this this week as you are driving to school or playdates, as you do the hundredth load of laundry, as you make a healthy dinner that you have to try to get your kids to eat (even though slapping together PB&J would have been easier), as you sit in church with them when staying home would have been much less stressful, or as you sit to read to your children when tv would buy you more time to get everything else done.
What you do matters...
today and for eternity.

Have a great week!


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