Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Sick" Bed Mats

Recently, my brother and sister-in-law inspired me to come up with this idea when all four of their children had the flu. She was at the hospital with the baby and my brother was at home with three children who were all at one point "getting sick" and he was trying to keep up with washing sheets and keeping sanity. I was thinking about the awful days I've had myself in similar situations and decided to make "sick mats" for the kids' beds. The idea is that if the kids get the flu, I can put this on their bed so that if they "get sick" in the middle of the night I can just remove the mat and swap out the second one. Hopefully, without "bad aim" I can avoid re-making the entire bed and spend more time comforting the sick child.

I purchased 2-1/2 yards of rubber sheeting (to make two) which is cotton fabric with rubber in the middle that makes it waterproof. Then I purchased 2-1/2 yards EACH of two different flannel patterns to cover the rubber sheeting (I chose dark fabric for obvious reasons.)

I will show you more about the assembly soon when I make the second mat. I whipped this one up yesterday and I'm hoping that my being prepared will ward off the flu for a long time so I won't actually have to use it! Here's to hoping!

One last thing- of course, I plan to make a few extra pillowcases as well!


fedders said...

Great idea! Could this be used for bed wetting also?

Lemonade and Lollypops said...

Definately! In fact, I plan to make a few of these for someone I know who is having a baby in smaller versions for the crib!

Stephanie said...

I don't bother with anything so fancy- just make the bed with fitted sheet, top with a towel (near the head)and another fitted sheet. Use a clean folded towel for a pillow.

For a bed wetter, buy two cheap plastic mattress covers- make the bed twice and you have a layer to pull off in the middle of the night.