Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Burp Cloths

For my sister-in-law's shower I made this stack of super simple, super cute burp cloths! Everyone who is having a baby can use burp cloths and lots of them!

To begin, I purchased 1/3 yard of two coordinating flannels. I won't tell you that I made each burp cloth to be a certain dimension because I simply washed both fabrics, ironed them, layed them on top of each other and cut as large of a rectangle as I could get out of the two pieces.
I realize that this means that not all the burp cloths will be exactly the same size but my sister-in-law and I agreed that it didn't really matter since they would all be close enough and we didn't want to have to have all of them be only be as large as the smallest piece that I had (you know that they never measure each piece to be exact at the store nor do they wash up the same.)
Next, I placed an appropriate sized glass in each corner and traced a curve in each corner.
I tend to be a lazy sewer and avoid using pins whenever possible. I found that two pins on each long side and one on each end (so, six total) was sufficient to hold the two layers in place. Sew around the entire piece, leaving about 2-3 inches open on one end. Cut around each corner with pinking shears, turn right side out, iron flat and sew around the entire edge making sure to carefully sew the opening closed. Personally, I used a walking foot on this last step and I feel that it helps you get a more even, less wavy finish. Iron the finished burp cloth and that's it!

These burp cloths are a great way to use up extra flannel, they are super fast & easy and make a great go-to baby gift! Check out some other ideas for mixing different types of fabric with the same technique to create a whole variety!

Happy Sewing!


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