Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pacifier Clips Mini Tutorial

These pacifier clips are a great addition to an baby gift. This is a fast, simple gift to whip out if you need just a little something more to give or if you like them sooo much that you just have to have one, two or ten:) for your own munchkin. Just in case you like these but never dust off your sewing machine, you can find these paci clips HERE at my site.

Here you can see how the reversible ribbon looks, it's the exact pattern on the back with opposite colors:

All you need is about 10 inches of 1-inch wide reversible jacquard ribbon (you can use other 1-inch ribbon if you like but jacquard is heavier and reversible so it just works better), 1/2 inch of velcro & a mitten clip. I have a small business where I sell some of my handmade items so I have a source for smooth, round top mitten but if you are just making a couple they sell these at Joann Fabric's:

At one end of the ribbon, fold over about 1/4 inch and iron down, fold over 1/4 inch again, iron and stitch down one piece of velcro making sure to overlap the fold. Sew the second piece of velcro about 2 inches away from the first piece. On the other end, fold over the ribbon about 1/4 inch, iron down, then fold over about 1/2 inch and iron down. Place the mitten clip under this fold and stitch a straight line across to secure all the layers of ribbon.

Folks, that's it! You're done!

OK, off to finish the next item on my sister-in-law's baby shower!


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