Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dinosaur Tails

I originally posted these dinosaur tails last summer shortly after I started blogging. I just decided to go back and spruce up the picture and holy cow, I really didn't know a thing about writing a post (maybe I'm only slightly better now but it was bad!) So I decided to redo some of it and repost.

One day I stumbled across this tutorial from Running with Scissors (which has become one of my favorite blogs to follow) for these adorable and fun dinosaur tails! I knew that I just had to make some! I started with one for my friend's son's first birthday (I knew he would have to grow into it but couldn't help making him one.) Then I went on to make one for my son's birthday, then one for my daughter who just LOVED his, then for my nephew's birthday. This goes on and on as I have now made quite a few for gifts. I even keep a small stash of fabric for when I need to whip one up!

The first time I made one of these I was a little intimidated by the circle on the back of the tail but once I made a couple of these, it became a breeze. Despite my intimidation, even the first tail turned out great, it just took a wee bit longer than once I really had it down.
I also added a liner of batting to the inside of the green tail since it was made out of a little thinner fabric and that helped the stuffing to not look "bumpy". From my experience making these tails, I recommend using bottomweight fabric. It isn't too heavy nor is it too thin where you have to even worry about a bumpy finish.

Gettin' sassy with the tail!

This is the blog that I stumbled across that day. I thought that she had some cute things so I kept my eye on it. Since then she has blown me away by her talent and not to sound sappy but she really has inspired me in my own blogging and definitely in life to try new things. With as much as she gets accomplished (with children younger than mine!) I would love to see a picture of her kitchen to confirm whether she really is secretly wonder woman or if it's just as messy as mine:)
Happy Sewing (and dino roaring!)


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