Monday, February 27, 2012

A Godly Home

“I believe that a Godly home is a foretaste of heaven.
Our homes, imperfect as they are,
must be a haven from the chaos outside.
They should be a reflection of our eternal home,
where troubled souls find peace,
weary hearts find rest,
hungry bodies find refreshment,
lonely pilgrims find communion,
and wounded spirits find compassion.”
                                                       - Jani Ortlund

Those of you who follow my blog might know that I haven't done an Monday Inspiration for some time. I didn't want to force the issue and have to try to "find" something inspirational to share. I decided instead to just share when I came across something. I saw this posted on my friend's facebook page last week and it really stuck with me so I went back to her page and had to post this.
Whether it be painted or stitched or something else, I will make something with this quote to be a reminder for me every day!

I want to remember this when my children get older, when life for them gets rough, when friends disappoint and school is hard. I want to remember this every day when my husband is on his way home from a long day's work. And I want to remember this when I have visitors who may need a break from their own home.

Thank you Jackie for posting this on facebook, it made my day and I'm sure that it was meaningful for many of your friends!


Have a great and peaceful day!

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