Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pennant Banners

This is the first event that I have made a pennant banner for and I am hooked! I remember seeing pennant banners on various blogs and wanted to make one for a baby shower so I looked around a bit and based mine off of the one on Your Homebased Mom. She had made these for all different occasions and I loved how she makes more than one for an event. I think that having one in each area really ties the look of the party together!
Here's a few of my tips for making the banners. I would love to create a whole collection of banners that can be whipped out for different occasions (how much fun for birthday mornings at home or welcome home from camp)! I wanted these banners to really hold up for a long time so I sandwiched a 9x21 inch piece of Wonder Under between the fabric so that it won't fray with repeated use.
I found it super easy to measure out right on a cutting mat- just place ruler in one corner and the other end on the 3-1/2 inch mark and cut.
Then count across seven inches on top and line up the other end on the spot where you cut the last line to create a point.
Just keep counting the seven inches across the top until you have five pennants. Here is where this project could be super ridiculously easy- if you want, these can be no sew pennants since the fabric is already fused together! You of course would still need to attach it to the bias tape but that is easy peasy!
I personally love the look of the pennants being sewn so I continued on to the rest of the regular tutorial.

You can trust that you will be seeing more of these at parties in the future! I think my next one will be for my son's birthday party in late summer- we haven't nailed down a theme yet but I'm sure that I will find cute fabric for whatever it ends up to be!

Happy Sewing!

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