Monday, October 24, 2011

Contentment- It's Your Choice

These days are here, these days are now.
Help us treasure everyday somehow.
Don't look back or up ahead, but
live and love today.
These days are here and then they're gone,
Help us be content; they won't last long,
For we only have these days.

                                    - words by Laurie  Hilliard
                                            -music by Pat and Sharon Autry

   Wow- I was shocked when I came across this. A few weeks ago I started jotting down words very similar to this when I had found a lump on my thyroid which turned out not to be cancer but got me thinking A LOT about my family. Even though the chance was slim that it would be cancer, those days of uncertainty really put many things into perspective and solidified my list of priorities.
    The fact is, I was suddenly looking at my life differently because of a health concern but it could be anything that could put my life or quality of life in jeopardy.  I have said in the past that when I would come across something that I found inspiring, it seamed to fade after time and I would forget about my new found outlook. I didn't want this experience to fade and I realized, truly realized, that tomorrow could be my last day because of a car accident or any other catastrophe. That's when I started writing words that sounded very much like this because I didn't want to forget how I was feeling in that moment. That life is about today. What does that mean for me? That I want to give my best to everything every day. I may have commitments to take my kids to playdates and gymnastics but when I get home, I don't want it to be an excuse for why I didn't read books, do projects or love my children as much as I can. If you have been reading along with my blog, you know that this has also lead to guilt issues that I didn't accomplish everything everyday but I'm working on that!
   Then, not only with my children but also my husband, friends and family I have a different outlook. I let stuff go a lot more now and try to concentrate on the positive. My husband may not be perfect (who is?!) but in the end of the day, I know that he truly loves me (and shows it in his ways) and I find THAT to be much more important than if he helped put the dishes back correctly. I am not perfect myself but I also feel a lot less accepting of negative thinking, my own outlook now is that life is too short!
   In the end, yesterday already happened and all we can do with that is learn from it. Tomorrow hasn't happened yet so why spend precious time today worrying about it when tomorrow can worry about itself!
Have a great week and be content because it is what you have now!

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