Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A few months back I read an article about an non-profit organization called ConKerr Cancer which provides homemade pillowcases for children with life changing illnesses or injuries. It was a very touching story about a mother who made a special pillowcase for her son when he became ill and was in the hospital. As his illness progressed, so did her need to help other sick children by starting ConKerr Cancer and making pillowcases to brighten the life of other children who were going through the same thing. It is such a wonderful organization and I plan to donate as I am so blessed that my children are healthy and my heart goes out to all the families who go through children illnesses.

On a lighter note, this article also gave me the idea to make special pillowcases for my children for different occasions. I am thinking that I can have a few options of extra pillowcases for when they get sick for them to choose from to add a small amount of cheer to an otherwise unpleasant experience. I also had the thought of making special pillowcases for going to the cottage, camping, traveling, etc. The first ones I chose to make were for our last weekend at the cottage for the season.

Directions for making pillowcases can be found at the these links: ConKerr Cancer under "Help Out" or at the blog MADE!

This is my son's pillow at the cottage. Both of my children were so excited to have the special pillows! My daughter walked around with it and layed down everywhere pretending to sleep!

 I found the cutest "vintage looking" cowboy fabric for him and cowgirl fabric for her.

 Here are both the cowboy and cowgirl pillowcases with matching red horseshoe fabric on the edges.

 I love the true vintage curtains in the back that my husband's Grandmother made years ago for the cottage.

I just had to add this picture of my son holding one of the many bugs that he found. It's a good thing he got such a great night's sleep on his special pillow to give him more energy for exploring!

Here is the link one more time to ConKerr Cancer. I really love this charity and plan to make pillowcases to donate. There will be more information to come on the average cost of a pillowcase after I spend some time scouring the sales & clearance racks to find affordable but cute children's fabrics. My plan is to ask for donations to help cover the cost of the fabric and then I will sew them. It can be a great combined effort for a great cause!


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fedders said...

sVery nice.. I absolutely love the fabric you picked! What a fun idea! Thank you for the info on the organization you will be helping out with! Good luck, it is such a wonderful feeling to put a smile on sick childs face!