Sunday, January 22, 2012

Doll Diapers

When I discovered the world of blogs (which only took me until last spring- what's wrong with me?) I found THIS tutorial for dolly diapers and put it on my must-make list! Thankfully, my committing to giving them as Christmas gifts gave me the push to finally make some!

I will start by saying that I am soooo glad I found the tutorial for these diapers from make it and love it! My only issue with it is that the tutorial may be a little difficult for some to be able to create a pattern for their doll. My diapers actually look fairly different in shape than hers. I didn't have extra time before Christmas to document every step in the process but my mother would like diapers for a number of her dolls so I plan to do a small tutorial on these in the future! I will give you the tip of starting by measuring the baby's waist, crotch width and length you want the diaper to be from front to back and start to sketch with those measurements. Once you get a "rough draft", cut it out and put it on the doll and adjust what you need to from there!

Since the doll that I gave to my daughter (which actually was mine from when I was little!) is a larger doll (I bought a Carter's 3 month outfit for her), I purchased special velro from JoAnn Fabrics in their new Babyville Boutique section. It comes in many different colors which is awesome but since I sent my husband to the store with no coupon (regular price is $3.50/package) I just bought the white. Oh and by the way, the package says "Boutique EZ Adjust Tape" instead of "velcro". My only complaint about it is that since it is sold to make real baby fabric diapers, the velcro is so strong that my daughter sometimes needs help getting it open which would be a great quality if you were purchasing this to make actual baby diapers!

I also made the changing pad that she has her doll laid on and I will do a post on it soon! It was out of a book called Simple Sewing for Baby. I love that it is so soft and how it rolls up so nice and small. Of course, I made it smaller than instructed since it was for a doll.

It is amazing how often a doll can go potty or the other in her diaper in such a short period of time! You can see in the background that this is the third diaper she had to change in a row! I sure am glad real babies don't need changing that much- I'm exhausted just at the thought!

"Look Mommy! I did it!"

Here are a few much smaller diapers that I sent to my niece for Christmas:

These diapers are much smaller so I used a regular one inch velcro but purchased the "soft & pliable" variety.

I am almost embarrassed to look at this picture as this was my first diaper that I made and the stitching is far from perfect but from what I hear, she loves them anyway:)

Happy diaper making!


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