Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paper Flowers

Maybe it's just me but I think that these paper flowers are an awesome addition to any party! Since I was already taking so much from Aesthetic Nest for this shower, I thought why not steal the idea for those neat flowers too! You can find the original tutorial for them at MADE. I am telling you that you need only the teeniest, tiniest pinch of craftiness to make these. To top it all off, not only are these babies cute and easy but they are made from paper napkins so they are inexpensive (the best part of any project!)
I just loved the extra color and height that they added to the different areas at the shower! On the post for the pennant banner I was saying that I would probably make those for every party from here on out. Well the same goes for these flowers. They can be made in any color, any combination, any shape and they just fill in everywhere so nice!
These are such a fun, easy craft that I can just picture a small group of friends sitting around having a blast hanging out, talking, maybe a bottle of wine and having tons of fun making these for a party! They could even be a great "job" for younger crafters to be able to join in preparing for the festivities!

Happy flower making!

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